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Pyramids (Discworld Novel 7) (Discworld series):Hotviral

Terry Pratchett
Terry Pratchett Published in September 24, 2018, 2:33 am
 Pyramids (Discworld Novel 7) (Discworld series):Hotviral

Pyramids (Discworld Novel 7) (Discworld series):Hotviral


TheReviewinator1999 Reply to on 8 June 2016
Personally, one of my favourite Pratchett novels, that is funny in the first few minutes with the protagonist Teppic, who is an assassin, ending up tripping over the mass amount of gear that he had put upon himself.
With many of the novels however, there can be times when some moments are hard to understand, (like what is a llb?), but was made hilarious again by calling a camel (who's a mathematician) YouBastard!
Overall, both Pyramids and Small Gods are something to poke fun of religion at, especially with as much humour as Pratchett did. So, even with the four stars, I would rate this 8/10.
Mrs. K. A. Wheatley
Mrs. K. A. Wheatley Reply to on 7 November 2015
This is not Pratchett's finest hour. you can see why this is a standalone novel. You don't really get the sense that he had any affection for the characters he creates here, unlike in the other books he goes on to make sub series out of. In this book, comedy sits heavily next to discussions of philosophy, quantum mechanics and mathematics and it's a pretty clunky affair. His ideas about the nature of the Gods and belief are interesting and something he develops to much better effect later on in Small Gods. I'm glad there were no more books like this though.
F. M. Havicon
F. M. Havicon Reply to on 18 August 2015
Pratchett reached critical mass with his Discworld writing with the previous novel (Wyrd Sisters) and managed successfully to maintain it for a number of following novels, this included -- so this really is one to throw at a friend who has never read Pratchett before (I know, I found it hard to believe myself when someone first confessed to me he'd never read the guy) and needs an introduction that won't send his scampering. One minor niggle is that the character of Ptraci is no different to Bethan or Conina from previous books -- a scantily clad desert beauty who is 2 dimensional and has no real purpose other than to utter bland sentences. But even that's getting funny now!
j. Reply to on 1 May 2015
Another kindle 'ghost' bought to replace hardback that wandered off into kids-off-to-uni-land and it gets better with the re-reading. Can't but help to recall the infamous 'Shakespeare was such a thoroughgoing plagiarist that he frequently plagiarised himself' comment; the same seems to be true of Pratchett as you can see the seeds of 'Small Gods' in Pyramids, but it's no worse for that. Brilliant characters, well-controlled plot & very, very funny as well as insightful. Has to be on anyone's must-read list.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 18 April 2012
Pyramids is part of the Discworld Novel Series. As usual the whole story is completely 'off the wall' and starts with the training school for assassins. This leads onto the enthronement of one of the students after his father dies in an Egyptian style area of the Discworld. The whole novel has the light touch expected in the series and is riddled with humour, some of which made me laugh out loud. I know that many people cannot get into these novels but I find them fascinating and really funny. I would recommend this novel to anyone but I would say that you would get more out of it if you have read the earlier novels in the series.
Emelia Reply to on 17 November 2015
This is the only Discworld novel that I hadn't read and it is just wonderful. I really love this cover and it's a design I much prefer however I think it's more suited to sitting on a shelf as there is a small tear on the spine of mine now and I'm a careful reader. I really should give this 4 stars due to that but it's Sir Pterry and a 4 star review just isn't going to happen.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 15 December 2013
Not for me reluctantly, clearly these books are adored by many people. My copy arrived second hand as advertised no problems whatsoever.
Looked forward to reading the work excellent and on first sight the book looked good.
On starting however I seemed to get lost amongst a host of unlikely characters and events which to say the least are bizarre.
Very unfortunately Mr ......Sir Terry is rather too much for me as I was unable to see through to the end.
Mrs. Deborah L. Ankrett
Mrs. Deborah L. Ankrett Reply to on 22 July 2013
bought this and lots of other pratchett books when got my first kindle so could read as liked. All the older books haven't read for a while and can not afford the prices for the hard backs (from middle to latest have a hardback collection). Took great pleasure in re-reading this again. The magic is still there and he's still the only author that keeps me glued to page chuckling away. If you haven't read a Pratchett novel before then buy one quick and be prepared for whole other world of entertainment.
BellaRosa Reply to on 1 August 2018
Not as interesting as some others in the series - but I still loved it - Terry Pratchett can do no wrong in my eyes - love his books xx
Andy Reply to on 18 October 2015
I'm not going to review the novel - it's been done many times before and enjoyed by millions. The latest edition of the hardback makes a smart display set - the paper's not that great but then who reads books these days - with everything available on tablet.... I may even sell off my first editions and just keep these
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