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Wildlife World Habitat Hedgehog Home:Hotviral

Wildlife World
Wildlife World Published in October 18, 2018, 1:46 am
 Wildlife World Habitat Hedgehog Home:Hotviral

Wildlife World Habitat Hedgehog Home:Hotviral

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Marcieloves Reply to on 21 April 2018
Large enough for several hogs to move into. Placed a large thick plastic bag folded over it, leaving room for ventilation. Placed in a sheltered spot under bamboo where a mum hog built a nest last summer. Filled hog house with dried leaves and hamster bedding made from seeds (hogs love it for nesting in) Covered house with small logs, bark and dried leaves. Collecting 4 overwintered underweight hoglets from rescue centre later, so will see if they want to move in next to their mum. Please support hogs. They have drastically reduced the slugs in my garden and are great fun to watch of an evening. 'Hedgehog Street' and British hedgehog society have great tips on caring for these prickly critters. If they can live in a town centre next to a main road and thrive here,(10 hoglets born last summer) then please try and help them move into your garden.
Keen Gardener
Keen Gardener Reply to on 8 September 2017
I was delighted to see two hedgehogs snuffling around our hedge. They came along our way every evening for a week, so I purchased this hedgehog home. It is well made and waterproof. Once it was in position I set up a night vision camera and had several video clips of the hedgehogs feeding, and completely ignoring the new home. Then they wandered off. Three weeks later and they haven't been back. I'm not giving up though, not as long as I have a 1.3kg bag of hedgehog food anyway.
It is now 23:40 on the 14/09/17 and I am delighted to report that the larger of the two hedgehogs has returned.
Kezmo Reply to on 5 February 2017
I have quite a few hedgehogs that visit my garden so wanted to add an extra house to one I already have. I have placed the house under my ivy which is where the hedgehogs seem to like nesting under. This house doesn't have a base so you need to make one yourself. I did this by using a piece of coir lining, the type you would use for hanging baskets and then layered it with leaves and filled the inside with hay. I also entwined ivy leaves through the wires on the top to camouflage it a bit more. Pleased to say I have a hedgehog in situ. It's still in hibernation but really hoping the house has given it the protection it needs.
Andrew Reply to on 19 May 2017
It's a good size and fair build but some of the wires are very sharp and exposed. I cut myself just placing it where I wanted it I hope it doesn't hurt a hedgehog. The waterproof lining is very weak and already ripped, it's a poor fit also leaving the back completely unprotected from water. Shoddy really. Anything is better than nothing but I feel it's more worth £12 than £20
KateK Reply to on 6 July 2018
Hard to see, but when we lifted the hedgehog Home briefly after Easter, this is who we found inside. Hibernated all winter - and 2017-18 was a long winter for hedgehogs. We had covered the home with fallen leaves and put straw inside during November and it worked. The hedgehog still uses it as their main residence, we will have to buy them a new one as we want to relocate them this autumn- they are currently lodging at the end of our driveway!
peterhall4 Reply to on 8 May 2016
Easy to use. Needs careful positioning in a quiet part of the garden. Don't expect quick results. Make sure that hedgehogs have access to your garden by leaving gaps under fences and suitable holes under doors and gates. I've now had mine in place for a couple of months, and although I know that it has had visitors, so far no residents. Note we get at least 30 visits per night as shown on a wildlife camera, so no shortage of hedgehogs.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 23 August 2016
Lovely ,my hedgehogs will love it over winter ,this house for hedgehogs is well made. Waterproofed to keep the animal safe ,small enough for the hedgehog to crawl into and too small for larger animals to attack the animal inside. Would definately recommended. I'm going to buy several more as our wildlife is important and we must try and help in any way we can.Lovely product .
Foxfire Reply to on 26 October 2016
I have to say, I was quite disappointed of the actual quality, following the hype in the description. When it arrived in a box, it was buckled. The so called rain prof, was only on top. All round was messy and the plastic moss, was no more than a veil. I had the pack it to make more close on the out as well as Ono side. It has no base and leaves boggy with a moist bottom. I spread the base with some lambs wool and also some hay.
Bruce Townsend.
Bruce Townsend. Reply to on 13 November 2015
Already in place and occupied by hedgehog. Been in residence for two week's so must like it. Great Item.
Mrs B.
Mrs B. Reply to on 26 June 2016
have given this away still not sure if hogs use it for nesting, have had differing reports but could be used as a feeding house anyway tunnel a bit short and the whole house is very light and not very high, would need to be placed on soil so they can dig down and make a hollow in the ground to be deep enough for hibernation, if they chose to use it.
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