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The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus Book 3):Hotviral

Rick Riordan
Rick Riordan Published in October 18, 2018, 1:46 am
 The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus Book 3):Hotviral

The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus Book 3):Hotviral

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MR C L PERRY Reply to on 22 April 2017
From my daughter Aged 13: Seven half-bloods need to go for a quest. They need to free Nico,a son of Hades,because he's trapped in a large jar and he knows where and how to close the doors of Death. Also,Annabeth,the daughter of Athena,needs to complete a quest alone. She needs to find the Athena Parthenon,that every chosen children of Athena died finding it and no one came back alive. But she needs to do it because it's the only way to heal the Roman and Greeks. Because they are enemies,but they need to combine forces to defeat the enemies. They succeeded,but Percy and Annabeth are thrown to Tartarus (unwillingly and accidentally) and they'll find the Doors of Death there. The rest,they are going to Espirus,where the House of Hades is located to rescue Percy and Annabeth and to find the Doors of Death also and if they found Percy and Annabeth, all together they're going to close the Doors of Death.
MR C L PERRY Reply to on 22 April 2017
From my daughter aged 13; Book 2 is all about Percy,Hazel,Frank. At book 1,Percy is missing and also Jason. Percy is from camp half-blood a Greek camp,and Jason is from camp Jupiter,a roman camp. Percy is at Camp Jupiter while Jason is at camp Half-blood and they don't remember anything. Hazel and Frank are from camp Jupiter,and they are Percy's friends. They completed a quest,they're going to go to Alaska to free Thanatos,the Greek God of death. Because Thanatos is captured by their enemies,all those who died are coming back. When somebody died,they are going to be alive again because Thanatos is chained,so they have to free him and fight those giants. Unfortunately, Alaska is a place where Gods can't have powers. Their powers can't reach it,so they had a hard time. They fought the giant and brought him in Canada so they could kill him because Alcyoneus the giant can't be killed in Alaska because it is his hometown. And they succeeded,they went back at camp Jupiter before the feast of Fortuna because they had to complete their auewt and come back at camp Jupiter alive before the feast of Fortuna. There in camp Jupiter, there is a war. They fought it and they won,but it is only the beginning. They can only defeat the enemies by Gods and demigods combining forces. That's why Hera/Juno took Jason and Percy's memory and she placed them in a camp that's not them to show the other demigods that Greek demigods and Roman demigods exist and they have to join forces to defeat the enemies
Tina Walsh
Tina Walsh Reply to on 13 August 2014
Book 2 of The Heroes of Olympus series. Percy is missing, with memory of his past and he is on the run from various monsters. Being chased by two of Medusa`s sisters, he is guided to Camp Jupiter by the Goddess Hera, disguised as an old crone.

This camp, hidden from view and guarded by two lookouts who see Percy with the crone on his back and chased by monsters One of them signals him to follow her while the other deals with the Gorgons. After crossing the river, The Little Tiber and entering camp, the crone turns into Juno.

So Percy is introduced to The Legion as a probationer although The Praetor, Reyna recognizes him from Circe`s island, where she and her sister had spent time.

Percy is sent on quests with Frank and Hazel and sees the roman navy. The last quest is important, locating a lost "Eagle."
FrancescaK Reply to on 10 January 2018
What a fantastic sequel to what's beginning to be an amazing series! I really enjoyed the first book and this one was just even better! Such a fun fast paced story with brilliant characters.

If you have read and enjoy the Percy Jackson series you will love The Heros Of Olympus series, I personally am enjoying this series even more and I feel like it's just going to get better from here on I cannot wait to read the third book as this book set up everything so nicely to jump right into book three!
D Calvert
D Calvert Reply to on 17 October 2014
Finally Percy is back, along with two new demigods, on a quest to once again help save the world. Again, I loved this book! Everything about it just screamed brilliant. The characters, story and world were still so perfect I could not get enough of it.

I felt that there was a lot more background information in this one compared to The Lost Hero. Camp Jupiter, the Roman camp, was finally revealed and it was so different to its Greek counterpart but it was still just as brilliant. It was clear where the differences in the two sets of demigods lie. The Romans were organised and structured, which was reflected in its camp, whereas the Greeks were a lot more free and wild. I loved this because it gave us much more information on how the Romans acted and lived.

Overall this book gave so much more information than the first book and I felt the connection with the characters a lot more, I don't know if this is because we got to read from Percy's perspective again and are familiar with it a lot more than the new perspectives we had in The Lost Hero. Not to mention it was still as action-packed and fast-paced and immediately gripping as any Rick Riordan Book so it gave you a lot more freedom to enjoy it.
D Calvert
D Calvert Reply to on 17 October 2014
Just when you think that the series can't get any better The Mark of Athena runs in. The whole book is just like the others, adventure after adventure, action after action but this one has an underlining quality of seriousness that brings the book to a whole new level. Not saying that the other two weren't serious but with this one you feel it more. It is the middle book, the middle of the big quest and you can really feel the danger that is about to happen.

I loved the fact that Annabeth and Percy were reunited, in fact I kept re-reading that scene over and over again because it was just too perfect. Plus the whole group of demigods finally meeting and starting the quest was also perfect. I simply just loved it.

All in all this book screamed intense action and perfect characters. It seemed to me that everything just clicked into place and we were finally seeing the dangers of what this quest and prophecy actually holds. It was just a brilliant book in a fantastic series.
Daniel Harrison
Daniel Harrison Reply to on 18 January 2016
For fans of Percy Jackson and anyone who has the slightest interest in Greek and Roman Civilisations or mythological masterpieces of fiction.
Truly an Epic set of stories from the First to the Last!!!
From Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson Books 1-5 plus two more extra books on the Greek Gods and Demigods) and continuing all the way through (Heroes of Olympus Books 1-5).
To end with The Blood of Olympus. An Epic story all the way through, a great coming of age story in beautiful and rich environments full of danger and mystery. A thoroughly cracking read. I loved it so much, I read it twice through. Wonderful.
Lynn Ross
Lynn Ross Reply to on 26 November 2017
Love rick Riordan and its just the second best one in the Percy Jackson series (the best is the first one) I like how he has split it so he tells you what happens to each group at the same time and it is very smart and dislike wise that's difficult I find it hard to find flaws considering I can't write better and these books are the reason I am into mythology so I highly recommend this book to all above the age of nine so they can understand the mythology and understand the random plot twists and funny moments e.g (in book four the battle of the labyrinth Rachel Elizabeth Dare through a plastic hair brush at the titan lord kronos or cronos)
P R Line
P R Line Reply to on 5 November 2017
To anyone who doesn't like this book, no offence but you are just WRONG. The charaters are so sweet and loveable and have really nice personalities. Frank is a shape-shifter and is Canadian-Chinese. Hazel has been brought back from the dead by Nico Di-Angelio and can summon cursed treasure. Pery is as sweet and heroric as ever but he doesn't remember anything except the name Annabeth. This is so cute and romantic, especially when he turned Reyna down for her. Reyna is the Roman praetor of the twelfth legion who had been hitting on Jason before he disappeared. Then there is this creepo called Octavian and he the augur and reads "signs" in teddy bear fluff. Nico Di-Angelio is also in this book but he pretends not to recognise Percy when he turns up. All in all this is a really good book Rick Riordan has conjured up. Including a death god and a death giant...
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