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Hollow (Out of the Box Book 12):Hotviral

Robert J. Crane
Robert J. Crane Published in September 24, 2018, 2:34 am
 Hollow (Out of the Box Book 12):Hotviral

Hollow (Out of the Box Book 12):Hotviral


Helen Findlay
Helen Findlay Reply to on 19 November 2017
Once again Sienna is still wanted for her past misdemeanours. Continuing to try and catch the real bad guys as she is trying to keep a low profile, hiding her identity from the world. Nothing is straight forward, it never has been for her lets face it. Trying to come to terms with a new inmate in her head, she isnt having any luck. The rest of the team are still dealing with their own issues whilst also keeping the metahuman rogues of America in check. The story continues from book 11 moving forward with a very interesting and surprising plot twist at the end, or is it? I cant help wondering how the team are going to deal with it when the truth comes tumbling out. Yet again Robert has us laughing, feeling sad getting annoyed and surprised on the roller coaster ride that is her life. In my opinion it deserves the 5 star rating because it is a story that i can relate to. Based in the real world the characters have been fully developed with their combined and individual roles.
dibbydoos Reply to on 26 April 2017
I don't exactly know why I loved this book so much more than the rest, maybe Sienna is older/wiser, maybe because as I'd always known, she is a good guy, or maybe because finally it's clear how she sees her role.

Absolutely cracking fight scenes, double story not intertwined but parallel.

As Mr Crane admits a couple of minor typos that keep his writing honest.

I need coffee and breakfast before I start the latest book in the series, though in truth, I should do some work....!
natasha colcombe
natasha colcombe Reply to on 2 March 2017
Robert J. Crane is such a brilliant writer. I have never read one of his books and not enjoyed them. The Girl In A Box series and then this one, the Out Of The Box series are so good and I can't wait in between books for the next one to come out. I had to read this in one go, as usual, because I couldn't put it down. If you've not checked it out yet, give the Sanctuary Series a try as well as this one.
S. Spurr
S. Spurr Reply to on 20 February 2017
This series of stories from Girl in a box up to this book are absolutely fantastic.
I am always so exited when the next instalment comes out & I bury my head in my iPhone until I've finished.
Superheroes, Meta powers, very bad guys who need to be stopped, love, laughter, sadness & lots of snarkyness.
Love, Love, Love it!
Alison Reply to on 18 October 2017
These books keep getting better and better. The story line twists between Sienna, Jamal,Reed and the others. Sienna out on her own, Reed working for the new *agency* except now he's starting to wonder who is signing the cheques
Amazon Customer carol broadens
Amazon Customer carol broadens Reply to on 19 January 2017
Very good as all of your books I can't wait for toxicity
I'm going to read them all again just because I can excellent more more and enjoy more fabulous reads every time
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer Reply to on 25 January 2017
Wow is about all I can say. I loved every minute of this book and the ending, well it was just great.
If you are reading my review and you haven't read any of Sienna's adventures you are missing out big time.
Thank you Robert cannot wait for the next book
Mr Chris Stevenson
Mr Chris Stevenson Reply to on 18 April 2017
Only gone and got myself addicted to this (and previous) series, so i have little choice but to buy and read. But I'm happy to do so, always a good read. Great characters and storyline. Although this seemed like this one could have been the end.... had I not already pre-ordered the next..... dam my addiction! Please conclude it soon so I can move on.
H Reply to on 22 January 2017
This Sienna Nealon book is the best yet in a fantastic series. Could not put it down but had to give in late last night and finish it off this morning. Exciting tension right up to the last. Only downside is having to wait for the next instalment.
Mr Mac
Mr Mac Reply to on 4 January 2018
This is the twelfth book in the series and the plots are getting silly. Author is running out of ideas and trying to use humour in place of serious writing.
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