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MTV Unplugged In New York:Hotviral

Nirvana Published in September 24, 2018, 2:34 am
 MTV Unplugged In New York:Hotviral

MTV Unplugged In New York:Hotviral


John Reply to on 2 August 2017
First of all I should say that I'm not the biggest fan of the band but I remembered seeing clips of this performance and thought it would be an interesting listen. It is. There is no denying that Nirvana knew how to write songs and they really come alive in this setting, Generally I find myself getting bored of their albums about halfway through but this is something else. Very pleased to see the addition of the Meat Puppets as guests too.
Craig Reply to on 23 March 2018
Some albums deserve to be heard in vinyl, and this is definitely one of them. The quality of the album itself is 10/10 with no skips, crunch or fuzz. I’d highly recommend it to any music enthusiast, a must have for all true Nirvana fans. Buy it, don’t think about buying it, just buy it.
Anoosh Falak Rafat
Anoosh Falak Rafat Reply to on 20 September 2012
How can you make Nirvana sound even more bleak, dark and sarcastic? Well unplug them apparently. It really does work, the songs take on a fragile, delicate, made of glass type feel which actually gives them even more power, there are occasions where it doesn't quite work, with certain songs getting a bit too laid back and occasionally threaten to put you to sleep, it doesn't happen enough to ruin the album but it is just enough to mean that this shouldn't be your first port of call for a Nirvana album, although it is a nice addition to a collection.

When it does work the songs can really benefit taking on a whole new depth and level of emotional clout; demonstrated best with `On a Plain' and the heartbreaking `Something in the Way'. The gentle voices between some of the tracks subtly adds a strange feel to the album, the overly hushed voices of the band, who seem to sound out of their depth, or at least seem to give that impression, its like the whole album takes on a voyeuristic undertone. The polite clapping is also oddly disconcerting for some reason that I can't quite put my finger on.

Obviously the songs in their original form are where you want to go to first, but it is always nice to see a bit of experimentation especially when done well, like this.
Mr. M. J. Watson
Mr. M. J. Watson Reply to on 8 June 2018
My favourite Nirvana album by a mile. Grew up with all the greb's raving about this band back in the day and I've never really got the hype. This album was the exception. I think the setting allowed Cobain's natural personality to come out and the music gives me an insight into who he was and his state of mind, at times his voice is by turns haunting and heartbreaking on this album. As for the Vinyl itself, plays perfectly, sounds beautiful on the turntable given to me by my Dad, which like me was born in 1978 and still going strong.
Koulou Reply to on 16 May 2017
Nice record. It looks nice and sounds great. Very good for its price (I bought it for 11.99).
The album itself is one my favourite Nirvana's albums. I really enjoy the unplugged version of the songs.
Mrs. Jill Kowalski
Mrs. Jill Kowalski Reply to on 27 May 2017
Definitive to hear nirvana do what they wanted to do..not what the record label wanted. The three trax with the meatpuppets stand as things of beauty..and oh me so incredible too. Probably their finest performance and an artist sadly,sadly missed.
A. E. Hardman
A. E. Hardman Reply to on 23 January 2010
Although this quote comes from a 1949 film starring Humphrey Bogart,it could so easily have been written for Kurt Cobain... and this excellent album will in future serve as a testament to Cobain's talent far more than the bombast of the studio albums.

I am not a fan of Nirvana, preferring tunes to noise: despite their undoubted talent and passion, I have always found their studio albums extremely difficult to listen to because of the lack of any light and shade. So I was very doubtful about this purchase.

However, in this stripped down version, the emotional honesty and sheer songwriting quality simply shine through. From the first track to the last, these recordings are riveting and demand attention.

A revelation for any Nirvana doubters who refuse to believe the hype.
Robert SJ Martin
Robert SJ Martin Reply to on 13 February 2015
I had the white vinyl version back when I also had The Voyd w/ pslit phase psu, AN wiring in a Helius Orion II tonearm to a Denon DL-304 MC cartridge. This fed my Sowter step-ups to my valve phono-pre-power, then to AudioNote AN-J's.
WOW! it sang beautifully! The recording quality of this album is second to none. The performances, brilliant, especially the double bass. It's nice to hear acoustic instruments used, and so well miked-mixed-eq'ed-etc-.... It's a joy to hear through a good system.
Now I only have the CD from Amazon. It's playing thru Marant CD52, ECC82 cathode follower w/ Alps Blue Volume (50Kx2) and Ansar film/foil caps, to a SRPP 6N2 feeding an EL34 per channel. These drive KEF 103/3. Nice to hear that it's a well-made cd. Often different releases of the same album vary badly. This just plays better than most studio recordings. I won't bother to try finding the FLACs!
Eric G
Eric G Reply to on 3 May 2017
Such an underrated album. Must have for any Nirvana or rock fan. I must warn you - it is a sad melancholic tune... R.I.P. Kurt Cobain, always remembered never forgotten
Bucko Reply to on 26 January 2017
I now have bought this album in 4 formats! Most recent being this purchase in vinyl. Having acquired a turntable for the first time this was one of the ones on top of my list to buy. The vinyl format seems to take it to a different level, just superb. I think the way it was meant to be heard ... Unless of course you were lucky enough to be there in person!!
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