Hotviral The Charisma Myth Master the Art of Personal Magnetism:Hotviral
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The Charisma Myth Master the Art of Personal Magnetism:Hotviral

Olivia Fox Cabane
Olivia Fox Cabane Published in September 24, 2018, 2:33 am
 The Charisma Myth Master the Art of Personal Magnetism:Hotviral

The Charisma Myth Master the Art of Personal Magnetism:Hotviral

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CZ Reply to on 7 August 2016
Got to love it! With so many suspect self-help books out there, this one really delivers. Separating charisma into three main aspects: Strength, Power and Presence, the author takes you through each and explains their background and how you can improve in the different areas. A key theme here is that people can change and improve in these respects. You aren't born charismatic (that's the myth), rather you can nurture and develop habits which will give you charisma.

The recommendations aren't merely a sticking plaster over the 'real' (uncharismatic) you; but rather help you peel off negative habits like drifting off when speaking with people, or holding onto resentment; thus exposing the real charismatic You.

Famous characters' charisma is discussed and some have more or less of the three main foundations for charisma, so there is plenty of flexibility to develop what is natural to you.

Overall, I can't recommend this book enough.
Mybrilliantusername Reply to on 5 July 2017
Utter drivel, one of the worst and most pointlessly useless books I've ever read. Contains such helpful tips for developing charisma like "develop an internal state of charisma" (yeah, but how) and "wear comfortable clothes" - seriously that is one of the pieces of advice. Total, pure, unadulterated garbage.
noname Reply to on 5 March 2018
Bubbles Reply to on 10 October 2017
Good read but could do with more specifics
Ketabkhan Reply to on 4 January 2016
This is really an excellent book. I wish it had been available when I was young person.It is based on science rather than unproven opinions. It teaches you not only about Charisma, but also how to be a nice person and understand other people better. I will buy a few copies to give as presents.
Kleshtrem Reply to on 16 August 2017
Fantastic book about how to become more charismatic. It's a workbook and will definitely help and teach you one thing or two about yourself. get it!
Michael Reply to on 25 August 2015
Rarely does a master craftsman reveal the key secrets of their trade, however in this book Olivia provides them in a detailed and comprehensive manner. Many of the techniques can be used immediately and with surprising success. If you only read two self help books this year, make this one of them.
Swampo1958 Reply to on 11 July 2015
First class. Captures the way adopted behaviours can often outweigh inherent personality typing, showing how a wide range of people can have more personal impact.
Mystic Reply to on 6 December 2016
Useable tips in the first couple pages that really work.
Dr. J. W. Nicholson
Dr. J. W. Nicholson Reply to on 8 January 2014
This is a well researched and useful book. It is based on the author's experience of teaching charisma techniques at leading American universities, and that enhances its value consierably. Overall, it is a worthwhile purchase.
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