Hotviral Inspired Fox Repellent Concentrate 500 ml:Hotviral
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Inspired Fox Repellent Concentrate 500 ml:Hotviral

Inspired Published in October 18, 2018, 1:44 am
 Inspired Fox Repellent Concentrate 500 ml:Hotviral

Inspired Fox Repellent Concentrate 500 ml:Hotviral

Price:£6.99+ Free shipping with Seks-irani Prime

Ruby Ruby
Ruby Ruby Reply to on 27 April 2017
So far, so good. This product seems to be doing what it says and my gardens have been clear since I started to use this.
Lou Reply to on 15 July 2017
Followed the instructions to a T, Did it work- NO!.
Made another batch & increased the amount of the repellent, Did it work this time- Of course Not!.
Save your money as this is a purchase which was a total waste of my money but hopefully will mean that if you're reading this- You will now not waste your money!
JaieJaie Reply to on 10 August 2017
I needed something to keep the foxes out of my garden. I read the reviews on this and took the chance. I made a very good choice. It works. Like any water porous product, when it rains it washes away so you have to re spray the grounds. I am happy I bought it. I would recommend.
TeaLover Reply to on 27 June 2017
Waste of money. I get the feeling urban foxes are actually attracted to the smell.
Tony roddy
Tony roddy Reply to on 3 October 2017
Used inspired fox replellent concentrate with inspired with in two days a fox had killed a hen a goal waste off time money and a good rarebreed he will ask for my money back will try scoot
The Viking
The Viking Reply to on 3 June 2017
Easy to use and appears to perform well. Number of foxes entering the garden have reduced.
Angela Reply to on 28 June 2017
Not sure if this truly works the foxes still pop in my garden
ALICIA Reply to on 20 July 2017
Not working at the moment, I dont know ifI have to use it for a longer period of time. I will update my review if I get results. I just gave 3 starts as delivery was really quick.
Paul King
Paul King Reply to on 13 August 2018
Seemed to do the trick, had to spray every night
Mrs Nicky Busby
Mrs Nicky Busby Reply to on 23 June 2018
Seems to have kept the foxes away. Brilliant
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