Hotviral Kingfisher GHPRO Premium 4 Tier Greenhouse - Clear:Hotviral
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Kingfisher GHPRO Premium 4 Tier Greenhouse - Clear:Hotviral

Kingfisher Published in September 24, 2018, 2:33 am
 Kingfisher GHPRO Premium 4 Tier Greenhouse - Clear:Hotviral

Kingfisher GHPRO Premium 4 Tier Greenhouse - Clear:Hotviral

Price:£15.22+ Free shipping

Mrs Ellen
Mrs Ellen Reply to on 18 April 2016
Great buy, easy to put up, my 7 yr old did it and I was just there for brut force which u do need to make sure it's stable.
The greenhouse is very sturdy, it also has enough space for my seedling needs. I also thought the price was great compared with other online stores. I am using it inside as I am concerned that the cover wouldn't take much frost attacking it. Seems quite flimsy. Also I heard that they can blow over with a strong wind. My sister put two full watering cans in the bottom of hers to stabilise it and hers still fell over and tipped her seeds out all over her patio!! I was definitely surprised that the cover had seemingly no way of tethering (like with pegs into the ground) nor does it have a skirt around the bottom, like my old/bigger greenhouses, which could've been used to provide it with more stability. Does also mean that if u need to put something heavy on the bottom shelf to stop it blowing over then u also lose that shelf which seems barmy as it isn't huge to begin with. At present I'm storing it in my porch which is where it will stay until at least the frost has passed. Saying all that I would buy again and recommend because all the mini greenhouses seem to have the same problem from what I've seen and it is a useful size for my needs.
janetredarrup Reply to on 14 October 2017
Having already ordered two 4-tier greenhouses from Amazon, I assumed these would be the same, but they're a lot smaller, even though the pic on the packaging depicts the larger size. On the plus side, though, they fit perfectly in the only two available spaces, so they're perfect for the job, as long as I only load them with plants requiring not much headroom. These greenhouses are ideal for taking lots of cuttings in terra cotta pots. It saves putting each individual pot in its own polythene bag, as the greenhouse acts like one big bag. Keep it zipped up for cuttings, and as long as it's got a bit of condensation on it each morning, the cuttings should succeed. I would recommend this to anyone with not much space.
Mark Reply to on 31 March 2015
Went together easily, sturdy frame, and it looked good.
Then the wind started blowing, and despite having 6 bricks on the bottom shelf, nothing would hold it down. Fortunately it was empty so no plants were damaged. Three nights later, and it's fallen over so many times the zips are shattered and it's useless.
It's good for what it is, but it's certainly unusable as a freestanding mini greenhouse.
JCH Reply to on 22 October 2017
Bought this 6 months ago, but wanted to judge wear and tear before making a comment. After a busy growing season, I've been very happy with this - it's slimline but fits plenty of seed trays (although I've sacrificed the ground shelf to a heavy bag of compost, as these type of coldrames are prone to blowing over in the wind). The zip still works perfectly, joints have stayed intact, item feels sturdy enough for the price. It also looks prettier than my other coldframes. A good buy.
cornishman Reply to on 29 April 2018
I agree with some of the other reviews that this can be a little flimsy but found that by using some tape on the pole ends before putting together helps the stability of the unit also using plastic wire ties to hold the shelves in place also improves things.

I would recommend either putting some weights on the bottom shelf or tie it to a fence, to finish off I've taped the bottom of the cover 3/4 way round to stop it flapping.

It does get very warm inside once the sun has been on it for a while and condensation bud up pretty quickly.

Would I buy it again probably not maybe something bigger, although for the price I am pleased with it now I know its secure.
moll&harv Reply to on 30 April 2014
Excellent for the price cheapest I could find anywhere, put together and now holding lettuces and plug plants, great value for money
JW Reply to on 19 January 2016
I needed another mini greenhouse because I'd gone mad with the plugs during last year and needed more space to over winter them. I also had to buy another because the original (not this brand) came with a strong cover which was quite dark and wasn't doing my young plantlets any good at all. This has a clear, see-through cover which allows more light in and they are doing much better.
It was very easy to put together and has stood the test of the last two storms extremely well. Wouldn't hesitate to get another if needed.
I. W. Whyte
I. W. Whyte Reply to on 1 April 2018
When I tried to put this together the plastic in several parts split and broke off. I bought a replacement and got on better with this one although I did have 1 split I repaired with glue. I had to use a wooden mallet and had my Dremel on hand in case the plastic holes needed to be widened slightly (following my experience trying to put the first one together - lubricating 1 of the poles didn't work). Apart from that it seems good. I have got a refund for the first one.
Jenny McGregor
Jenny McGregor Reply to on 17 December 2017
Although I have managed to assemble the greenhouse please be aware that you are definitely buying a cheap product here. The plastic is brittle and one of the arms snapped and has had to be taped together. The metal poles are not all the same length, and do not "snap" into place in the plastic arms - so assembling the thing was at first hilarious and in the end frustrating as it kept falling apart. It will do the job but not for long as I will end up replacing it soon, no doubt.
Michael D.
Michael D. Reply to on 31 July 2018
I suppose it depends what you are planning to do with it. I used it to plant some seeds a few weeks early and it was fine for that purpose.
I then planned to grow some tomatoes in it - but actually it is really too small for that - ok for the width of 2 plants but 20-30 cm too low.
If you intend to use it for anything other than seeds and pricking-out I would suggest you get something bigger (certainly taller)
I am not saying that the dimensions specified were wrong - just that the size it is isn't really suited to use beyond a few seed trays and pots.
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