Hotviral 100 Grip Seal Bags 3 x 3.25 Inch 200g Strong Reusable by Gripseal:Hotviral
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100 Grip Seal Bags 3 x 3.25 Inch 200g Strong Reusable by Gripseal:Hotviral

Grip Seal
Grip Seal Published in September 24, 2018, 2:34 am
 100 Grip Seal Bags 3 x 3.25 Inch 200g Strong Reusable by Gripseal:Hotviral

100 Grip Seal Bags 3 x 3.25 Inch 200g Strong Reusable by Gripseal:Hotviral

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BC-Cheshire Reply to on 23 September 2017
This is my second order, and I use these for so many things! When I travel they are great for jewellery, pairs of disposable contact lenses, husbands tablets, all those things that you want to keep handy and safe. Not a size you can ge easily in the shops... one of those things I didn't know I couldn't do without 😆
REG G Reply to on 27 September 2017
I've not had any problems with these. Firstly consider what you want to store in them, as they're not the strongest gauge of polythene, and if you don't abuse them, they should give good service.
Stacey in Scotland
Stacey in Scotland Reply to on 8 May 2017
These are great little bags for storing tiny things in. I use them as sorters for vitamin / supplement packs for different people in the household. They work great. Good quality and strong. I'm able to reuse them many times over.
sonic Reply to on 24 April 2017
Got these to put sugar tea and milk sticks in perfect fit, and are just right for the other half's cups of tea at work, as not able to take a lot of liquid in bags
Crackerjack Reply to on 20 December 2014
I bought these to segregate coins and other related bits and bobs that I cut as a hobby to make coin art. They are ideal for what I need and they arrived 2 days after I placed the order. These are good quality bags, not the really thin type that I have received things in before, and the price of 1.3p each, including postage is amazing value. I will definitely be ordering more from this seller and recommend this item.
Matthew M M J
Matthew M M J Reply to on 18 May 2017
Excellent product. Fantastic quality. Fast delivery. Very happy ondeef. Good seller. No problems at all...cannot fault it at all.
Konstanze Allsopp
Konstanze Allsopp Reply to on 9 May 2018
Great resealable plastic bags for great storage solutions and sorting items. I could not sort out my Lego without them. Highly recommended.
Anna Reply to on 10 June 2016
They came up very useful to my large collection of herbs. Just giving away some samples to my friends.
Morwenna Tilcock
Morwenna Tilcock Reply to on 11 May 2018
Product and delivery was good, however i didnt have 100 in there. But easy mistake to make. Would order again.
J C Reply to on 4 February 2017
Mrs loved the little bags now all her needle work nik naks are all safely stored in all their individual bags. They seem strong enough as I have 'liberated a few for storing my dart flights and stems too.
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