Hotviral 7dayshop Monopod - 170CM High Quality Aluminium 4 Section with Shoulder Case:Hotviral
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7dayshop Monopod - 170CM High Quality Aluminium 4 Section with Shoulder Case:Hotviral

7dayshop Published in September 24, 2018, 2:34 am
 7dayshop Monopod - 170CM High Quality Aluminium 4 Section with Shoulder Case:Hotviral

7dayshop Monopod - 170CM High Quality Aluminium 4 Section with Shoulder Case:Hotviral

Price:£8.99+ Free shipping

Steve Prior
Steve Prior Reply to on 19 March 2016
 Had this for quite a while now and thought a review might be helpful.

This is a fairly low cost item but delivers good value for money.

A monopod is a useful accompaniment for any photographers or videographers. You can use it in an emergency when you need a little more support than is feasible for a hand held shot. Use it when you don't have a tripod.

It's surprisingly well made and is long enough when extended for a 6 foot person to shoot video at eye height. I did look at other products but preferred this as it had the length I wanted.

A light weight and sturdy accessory you can keep in your car or kit bag and use when you need it.
awp4u Reply to on 11 October 2016
Took a long time chosing this and eventually reached the opinion that a monopod that can be used as a walking stick is going to be a compromise.
The Pros:
# Very robust sturdy support, great extension length and keeps stability, manges to get dslr to almost 6 feet high, so no bending which helps keep things stable.
# Height adjustment mechanism easy to use and locks well.

# The soft spongy grip at the top works lose. This actually causd me to slip over and fall as I was griping the foam in my fist going down a steep descent when the foam slipped suddenly by a few inches and I lost my balance. This would be so much better with a fixed and glued rubber band. I took foam off and it has lost its walking pole feel.
# £5 for the rubber top to cover the camera screw thread is pricey. Without ths you can't hold the top of the stick in the palm of your hand wothout injury to your palm,

This is a shame as it could be a great first class product, it just needs a proper secure grip rubber handle at the top and throw in a proper ball top to cover the screw thread, charge a few quid more and presto!
Greyowl Reply to on 8 January 2016
What do expect for a tenner ? Certainly something a lot less impressive than this. Just got it and tried it out with 150-600 zoom on Nikon DSLR. There is a very minor amount of flex in the shaft but nothing to cause any problems whatsoever. You would need a CF or heavier and larger diameter shaft to better this - the joints themselves are very rigid and the locks are positive and stable.

I like the ferrule on the base which can be screwed out to give a rubber foot or screwed in to give a short 'blunt' spike.

Good foam hand grip at top and wrist strap.

Best camera equipment value for money buy I've made.
Mark Nash
Mark Nash Reply to on 1 April 2016
It's a solidly made monopod.
Mine was branded with a small logo, came with a nice zip-up case with its own adjustable strap, lanyard on the sticks head and is reasonably made. Wanted it as a walking stick come camera stand and it does just that.

The reason for 4 stars is the foam handle was wrinkled and twisted but makes no difference to how it feels in the hand but looks a bit rough. The finish on the clips is somewhat rough but i don't care as they are solid when locked and the whole thing is as tall as me when fully extended. For the price its a cracking walking stick with extra functionality and one i wont mind if it gets scratched while woods walking.

If you want to find out if a monopod is for you.. by this you wont regret it
MyLittleEye Reply to on 9 June 2015
While I recognised a need for some sort of monopod I didn't want to over invest in an accessory that I suspect will see limited use.
This perfectly meets my need for a no frills camera support - robust enough I think for the light use I have in mind.

It is light weight - reasonably so.
The foot spike/rubber has a standard screw so should take a stand accessory.
It's sturdy enough to take reasonable downward force.

If there's one con, the clips seem entirely plastic with no apparent way to tighten them if they wear out and slip.

Depending on how it performs I can decide later whether to upgrade but I suspect it will meet my needs for some time to come.
J. L. Foster
J. L. Foster Reply to on 19 November 2016
Great product. Bought it especially for videoing live bands as standing in a crowd at a gig and having to hold the camcorder up above people's heads really makes your arm ache and eventually starts shaking. Used this at its maximum height. Had to tilt it back toward me to be able to get the extra height to capture everything up on a high stage. A bit difficult to zoom in when attached to the monopod, however, very pleased with the results. You have to keep an eye on the view screen every now and again when videoing as it is very easy to completely rely on the monopod which will of course move about if you don't keep watching! Very good product.
Wishmaster Reply to on 13 March 2015
6 foot 3 inches tall...Fits me perfect and more...had lots of monopods and none came close to this one....just shows that the dearest is NOT always the best, paid 49 pounds for my last one and not as good as this.....this item is great, and double up as a hiking stick is even better, (too young for one yet) only 62 but shall keep it for when l get older.... l would have no trouble in giving this six stars...what a bargain...what a monopod....simply the best...for get the rest. Many thanks from Ivan .....7dayshop logo....proud to have it on my monopod.
Wookeyhole Reply to on 11 May 2015
This monopod is excellent value. It does the job perfectly and seems to be robust enough for my compact and bridge cameras. I use it with an Eggsnow 1/4" mini tripod ballhead which I leave permanently attached despite not then being able to close the top of the bag as it pokes out of the top, but that does not affect the carrying of the bag over the shoulder. It has a long fully extended length which is very useful for reaching up to take close-up shots of higher subjects or getting a higher viewpoint (use the camera timer, set it off then hold the camera up for the shot).
C. Ehlers
C. Ehlers Reply to on 24 April 2013
It's impossible to do anything wrong when ordering through Amazon with there 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked, so I always go for the cheap offers first and only look for something more expensive if I'm not fully satisfied.

In this case I have no reason to look elsewhere because this monopod does exactly what's written on the box. I do use the ball head and quick release from my regular tripod when I use this which work very well together. Even without these it's a lot quicker to attach the camera than on a tripod, so this makes it the perfect companion on sightseeing and travel tours where you don't want or can't set up a tripod.

Of course it's not a 100% replacement for a tripod but it lets me get away with just packing a Cullmann Nanomax 200T instead of a full size tripod that I'd usually lug around. It really helps add this extra bit of stability that you don't get hand holding if you aren't shooting in full sunlight.

It feels sturdy enough to support my 100+ kg as a walking stick and these days I'm not leaving my house without it whenever I take the camera with me.
PC Crazy
PC Crazy Reply to on 11 January 2013
Like all the other reviews there's little to add, this monopod is a must. Ordered two days ago, arrived today, excellent service. I also ordered the screw top in-case I need to use it as a walking stick and for the extra few pounds it was a no brainer. I have spent the day using the monopod, it screws easily into my camera, the legs are easily released and closed and the sponge grasp area at the top is excellent as your hand doesn't slip or get cold on the metal. It's sturdy enough to hold both my DSLR camera and 70-300mm lens but is light enough for me to carry, on the camera, around my neck which is a must as I use binolulars too and need both hands free. Normally I would use a tripod for a slow shutter speed but I took a shot using the monopod which is so much easier to carry around and the result was fine. The one thing I wish it didn't have is the huge logo plastered down the stem, I will try and either remove this or cover it over with tape, it spoils it's streamline look. Will also be interesting to see how long it lasts.
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