Hotviral 1byone Paper Thin TV Aerial Stand, Black:Hotviral
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1byone Paper Thin TV Aerial Stand, Black:Hotviral

1 BY ONE Published in September 24, 2018, 2:33 am
 1byone Paper Thin TV Aerial Stand, Black:Hotviral

1byone Paper Thin TV Aerial Stand, Black:Hotviral


Liz Reply to on 31 August 2017
This shiny black plastic stand comes in a white/black/red box. It is in 3 parts which simply push/click together, and the flat oblong aerial I bought it for just drops down into it. I had bought the 0.7mm paper thin aerial several months beforehand, and I knew from past experience that indoor aerials do not work standing on the mantlepiece beside my TV. So I didn’t buy the stand. I hoped (in vain) that I would be able to hang the aerial up above the TV but, unfortunately, there is nothing on it to hang it by (a loop or a ring on the back would be useful). So, I tried sticking the aerial to the wall above the TV, and to the sides of it, with double sided sticky pads on the back of the aerial. This drove me mad, because TV’ reception in my house is intermittent, depending upon the weather - and I had to keep moving the aerial when changing channels….damaging the wallpaper a bit more with each move.

When sticking the aerial to the wall didn’t really work, I tried propping the aerial up on a small table, and moving the table to wherever I got the best reception. This meant the cable was stretched across the room which wasn’t ideal. But I live alone, with my dog, and we didn’t really care what a trailing cable from the table to the TV looked like while we were curled up on the sofa watching TV. This was still frustrating though, because the cable comes out of the middle of the bottom of the aerial, preventing it from staying propped up. So, eventually I really had no option but to buy the stand, and put this on the table and move the table as before, but once I’ve got it in the right place I have a great picture.

I think this is a universal stand for 1byOne’s paper thin aerials, because the slots into which the aerial drops do not actually ‘hold’ the aerial in place when the two are moved, when assembled. It just sits there. I remedied this by putting a suitably sized folded piece of card (foam will also suffice) in the slots behind the aerial. But it would be much better if there was some way of manufacturing this stand with cushioned plastic spring clips to hold the aerial firmly in place so that it does not have to keep being centred in the stand after every move. Also, the instructions are not very clear because the photos are too dark. Anyway, I’m glad I’ve now got it sorted, and I wish I had bought the aerial and the stand together in the first place.
G. D. Shaw
G. D. Shaw Reply to on 12 January 2018
The aerial is designed for HDTV but I bought it to improve reception of FM radio signals. The signals are now light years ahead of those provided by my former internal aerial.
The strand is a bonus because it enables fine positioning on the windowsill to get the best possible reception.
David Thwaites
David Thwaites Reply to on 2 March 2017
Goods as described arrived on time. Works like a dream
andrew gray
andrew gray Reply to on 28 August 2018
Nice little stand for the aerial. The base is weighted so is stable with aerial in. Easy to put together
Ascot Reply to on 11 October 2017
The aerial needs one of these if free standing. Good
Hazey Reply to on 15 June 2016
Works Really well and blends into the wall very well. would recommend and will buy again for anther TV we have.
G Moppett
G Moppett Reply to on 22 July 2018
Good stand well worth buying if your going to purchase 1byOne Thin HDTV aerial
I. Mundy
I. Mundy Reply to on 26 May 2018
great came in handy
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 11 March 2016
A very good product, super fast delivery. We have so far bought 2 and will probably buy a couple more; far easier than cabling new arial sockets
Mr. Charles A. Rees
Mr. Charles A. Rees Reply to on 15 March 2018
This item works well
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